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CP Personnel?

Saving you and your business time and money by:

Utilising modern methodology, technology and social media, to identify great new talent for your business

Why CP Personnel?

At CP Personnel we aim to take the cost, time and worries out of the job market for both clients and candidates, while keeping the best interests of all concerned at the forefront of everything we do.

CP Personnel was established in 2007 after observing the need for greater empathy with client’s and candidate’s needs.

Since then we have evolved into a 360 degree recruitment business with the capability and expertise to manage even the most difficult of recruitment searches, big or small.

We believe that understanding our client’s business and their needs is essential to a favourable outcome. Similarly, we must also have a similar empathy with our candidates motivations and career aspirations, if we are to ensure the right fit for the right job.


Our Services

CP Personnel are specialists in the field of identifying and recruiting permanent employees and short term contractors within our specialist verticals.

In collaboration with our NPAWorldwide partners, we can also extend these services to almost any recruitment assignment no matter how big, how small, or in any location throughout the world.

These services include, but are not limited to:

Our Process

It is common knowledge that the best candidates are not always actively on the job market and not all jobs are advertised on job boards. Consequently, simple job board advertising only provides limited reach for employers and exposure to a limited number of jobs for candidates.

At CP Personnel we recognise that there is a better way to match talent to jobs. So the bulk of our jobs are now filled through industry connections and social media marketing.

So how do we do it!
To be successful in today’s market you must go beyond the traditional method of simply advertising on the major job boards. Therefore, our process incorporates all of the following methods, on every assignment we undertake: