CP Personnel

Making the best use of technology and social media to save your business time & money by matching the right candidate with the right job in the shortest time frame possible.

CP Personnel aim to take the cost, time and worries out of the job market for both clients and candidates, while keeping the best interests of all concerned at the forefront of everything we do.

Do it once ! Do well ! – Do it with integrity !

Permanent Placements

FINDING TALENT It is common knowledge that the best candidates are not always actively on the job market and not all jobs are advertised on job boards. Consequently, simple job board advertising only provides limited reach for employers and exposure to a limited number of jobs for candidates. At CP Personnel we recognise that there is a better way to match talent to jobs. So the bulk of our jobs are now filled through industry connections and social media marketing. So how do we do it! To be successful in today’s market you must go beyond the traditional method of simply advertising on the major job boards. Therefore, our process incorporates all of the following methods, on every assignment we undertake:
  1. Yes! we still advertise every vacancy on all the major job boards and maintain these until every job is filled.
  2. Conduct a thorough internal searches through our own, ever expanding, data base of candidates.
  3. Approaching passive candidates via in-depth LinkedIn and Social Media searches. Unlike most agencies CP personnel do not just rely on manual searches using the likes of LinkedIn Recruiter or similar packages. We actually conduct a much wider search by sending out up to 50 LinkedIn requests per day to potential passive candidates and follow this up with direct email and phone campaigns.
  4. Utilise the vast network of our NPA partners and International Job Board. Conduct a thorough resume search through the individual job board resume search functions.
  5. Utilise our own industry network to gain referrals to potential candidates
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International Recruitment

CP Personnel are more than just an individual recruitment business with limited capabilities or specialisations. We are also a proud member of the NPAworldwide Recruitment Network. Our association with NPA allows us access to over 550 recruitment partners globally, including over 120 especially close associations across Australia and New Zealand. With NPA we can truly claim the expertise to manage any recruitment assignment or service, no matter how big or small or anywhere anytime.

No Job too big ! – No Job too small ! – Any Category ! – Anywhere !


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Contractors and Casuals

CP Personnel, either directly or in association with our NPAworldwide partners, can provide Contractors and Casual workers on fixed term contracts or casual / daily hire anywhere throughout Australia. We also offer a unique service that takes the time uncertainty out of finding permanent production staff through the endless a temp to perm basis. Why train up to ten casuals to find that one great worker when you can employ a fully interviewed and reference checked permanent person with a replacement guarantee, for less than it would cost to take on one temp to perm employee? Most recruitment companies would say it cant be done! But we say we can and do, do it! Contact us anytime to find out how!
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